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News Report

Update on the use of net facilities and plans for Age Group training

18/06/20 | Rob Kilvington

The section below details what our plans are with effect from Saturday 20th June. We hope that you understand and appreciate that we haven't been able to get plans sorted for all age groups / teams etc, but we will monitor the situation going forward and will update these as and when we can.

Arrangements for the use of Net Facilities and Age Group Training at Greenmount CC

I can only apologise for the length of time it has taken to firm up our plans for the above. It has been the subject of significant debate as we have tried to ensure that whatever we offer is as safe as it possibly can be, and that it meets the various criteria stipulated by the ECB.

We are happy that we have come to something we feel now meets the above objectives but have to re-iterate that these plans are subject to whatever may come from Government and the ECB especially as the North West appears to be one of the outliers in relation the “R” factor.

First and foremost, I hope you understand that we can only offer these facilities for paid up members for the 2020. I have recently emailed all our 2019 season members advising them of a range of both full and discounted membership options reflecting the loss of significant part of the 2020 season. Please look at those membership options and subscribe to whichever one best fits your needs.

Please liaise with our Membership Secretary, Helen Bowker, at regarding the payments of membership fees. Membership forms themselves can be downloaded from the following site :-

With effect from SATURDAY 20th JUNE we are now able to offer the following to our members :-

  • Use of the right hand net for 2 people for 1 hour (ECB conditions allow the use of only one net in a two net facility) – 50 mins of actual netting with 10 mins to set up / pack up. This is available for all senior and junior members.

  • 2 hour training sessions in groups of 6 for the U13 & U15 age groups; noting that the net facility will be open for the U13 / U15 squad members for 121 training or use of the bowling machine during these sessions

In an attempt to mitigate all reasonable risks we have reluctantly decided that at the moment we can’t offer the training in groups of 6 option yet for the Under 9s and U11s. We feel that we wouldn’t be able to control social distancing across these age groups and as that is a key feature of the ECB’s conditions then we can’t yet offer this as an option. We will look to review the position after a couple of weeks to see if we can safely look to increase the number of age groups the training can look to incorporate.

We hope that U13s and above will be able to better meet the social distancing conditions and are happy to offer training options to these age-groups. If social distancing isn’t practiced, then we will have to review and possibly reduce the training options available.

The schedule of sessions available are detailed below :-

- Saturday - 0900-1300hrs - 4 * 1 hour net

- Sunday - 0900-1300hrs - 4 * 1 hour net

- Monday - 1600-200hrs - 4 * 1 hour net

- Tuesday - 1600-200hrs - 4 * 1 hour net

- Wednesday - 1400-2000hrs - 6 * 1 hour net

- Thursday - 1600-1800hrs U13s training, 1800-200hrs - U15s training

- Friday - 1600-1800hrs U13s training, 1800-200hrs - U15s training  

A slightly better table detailing the sessions available cam be found in the link below (please go to the first of the documents in the link) 

We have previously trialled a team management system called Spond for a number of our age groups. We will continue to use this for the U13 & U15 training sessions and will require squad members to log on and indicate if they will be training at the particular sessions. We can then ensure that we have enough coaches available to ensure that the session can be run safely. If you aren’t already registered on Spond, please do so at

We have had to set up an online booking system for booking onto the net. This is called Skedda and you should register on this at the following link .

Guidance on booking the net online can be found at the following link (it's the second of the documents found in this link) :-

Your registration will only become live and you will only be able to book a net session once membership fees are paid for 2020.

Booking will be possible 7 days in advance, but whilst we look understand the levels of interest in the net sessions we would ask that members restrict themselves to a maximum of 2 sessions in a week initially.

Please note that if the weather turns against us and means that a session will need to cancelled, you be emailed via Skedda for net sessions or contacted via Spond for training sessions for the U13/U15s.

Our professional, Chesney Hughes, will be available for 121 or small group professional coaching during any session other than those reserved for the U13s & U15s.

Please contact Chesney direct on 0750 034 4193 to confirm a suitable session. Please note you will still need to book on via Skedda to confirm the sessions as well as liaising with Chesney.

As noted above we will continue to monitor regulations and guidance coming through from Government / ECB whilst also monitoring how successful the training sessions are and will make modifications as and when they are required.


Rob Kilvington

Chairman, Greenmount CC

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